At FG, our aim is to promote health, fitness, well-being and a friendly community atmosphere. This goes beyond the class and gym environment as we want to ensure you continue your FeelGood journey into the juice bar and at home as nutrition is key to all health and fitness related goals.


All the food we provide is 100% plant-based, naturally sweetened and packed with protein.


Our protein shakes use the best quality Gold Standard Whey and we also offer plant-based protein alternatives as well.


Catering for all is a key aim for us so we stock a variety of Dairy-Free milks as well to suit all dietary requirements.


An all-inclusive atmosphere is a top priority when it comes to training and fuelling our members before and after their workouts. 

Being happy and healthy comes from the inside out, so not only do we strive to improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness, we also want to support your overall physical and mental well-being.