Meet Our Team

Billy Burchett

Billy is the Head of Programming and Head Coach at FG. Billy is a Level 3 qualified PT and specialising in cross training application, TRX, Kettlebell training and Boxing. Billy also coaches all of the Greenspace classes as well as Myzone Master Training Workshops. His Favourite exercise is the Deadlift.

  • Hobbies Include: Mountain Biking, Snow Boarding, Listening to Audio Books and playing Golf.

  • Random Fact: Military nickname was ‘Bobby’ due to my surname sounding like the Waterboy.

  • Favourite FG Memory: Planning the FG Burn Series

Kelsey Pakes

Kelsey is the Club Manager at FG and is a L3 qualified instructor and PT. She is also studying for the second half of her Yoga Teacher Training. Kelsey coaches all of our FG Greenspace classes as well as FG Yoga and FG Family Yoga. Her favourite exercise is the Squat and favourite style of training is functional training, yoga and running.

  • Hobbies Include: Singing, bike rides, dancing, training and dog walking!

  • Random Fact: Once sang in front of David Essex OBE

  • Favourite FG Memory: The launch of the FG Greenspace!

Adam Woodman

Adam coaches all of our FG Greenspace classes including Burn, WOD, Box and Family Burns. He specialises in HIIT style training. He has coached a variety of styles from track, aqua, bells to ice hockey and football. Adam has a L3 in PT, Nutrition and soon to be Level 5 Nutrition.

Adam’s favourite exercise is the Clean!

  • Hobbies Include: Music, Ice Hockey and Movies

  • Favourite FG Memory: Coaching the Rock Themed ‘Burn it to Earn it’.

  • Random Fact: If he had been born a girl, he would have been called Danielle!

Chelsie De Giorgio

Chelsie coaches all of our FG Greenspace classes and has her L2 in Fitness Instructing. She is currently studying for her L3 in Personal Training and also has her L3 in Sports Massage and Therapy. Her favourite exercise is the Deadlift and She enjoys strength training the most as well as WOD’s!

  • Hobbies Include: Training, Travelling,

  • Favourite FG Memory: Leading 6 Rounds of the Unity section at the second Burn it to Earn it!

  • Random Fact: Named her cat after a bottle of beer (Becks!)

Kinia Ochman

Kinia has a Level 2 Sports Diploma and a qualified Watt Bike Instructor. Kinia specializes in her crazy FG Cardio Heat class and also takes some of the FG Burn classes. Her favourite style of training is bodybuilding and cardio.

  • Hobbies Include: Playing Volleyball, Animal Care, Music, Swimming, DJ and Photography.

  • Favourite FG Memory: Playing loud music at 7am and telling all the members to stop their workouts and join in a crazy dance to a song altogether!

  • Random Fact: ‘When I was 6 years old I used to put ladybirds in jars and eat them!

Kiera Pakes

Kiera instructs our FG Cycle classes and FG Burns/Family Burns. She has Level 2 in Fitness Instructing and a qualification in Spin. Her favourite style of training is ‘WOD’ style workouts – favourite exercises being deadlifts and using the Air Bike!

  • Hobbies Include: Baking, cooking, horse riding, painting, watching wildlife and photography

  • Favourite FG Memory: Billy dancing in a minion costume whilst it was trying to inflate!

  • Random Fact: Been to the Amazon Rainforest twice and made a documentary!

Sophie Radford

Sophie teaches Dance at FG and is currently studying for her Level 2 Fitness Instructing qualification. Sophie has a BA Hons Degree in Dance and it’s her favourite training style along with core workouts!

  • Hobbies Include: Dancing, Socialising, Drinking Cocktails and being in the Sun.

  • Favourite FG Memory: Winning the August Team Challenge #DirtyMeppin’ with Sophie!

  • Random Fact: Sophie studied her degree in Barcelona and lived there for 3 Years!

Natalia Ochman

Natty is currently studying her Level 2 in Fitness Instructing and also manages FG Instagram! Her favourite style of training is Bodybuilding and she also qualifying to be a hairdresser.

  • Hobbies Include: Doing Hair and Training!

  • Favourite FG Memory: At a staff meal, Adam headbutted an Egg and it landed straight into Natty’s bag.

  • Random Fact: She once sold her tortoise for a new pair of trainers.

James Collishaw

James is the newest member of the FG team and is a qualified L2 Fitness Instructor and has a double extended L3 Diploma in Sports and soon to be studying for his L3 in Personal Training. James will be working in the gym and coaching all of our classes in the FG Greenspace.

  • Guitar, Music, Football and Training

  • Favourite FG Memory: Everybody in Fancy Dress for the Halloween Burn it to Earn it.

  • Random Fact: Broke his leg twice in the same place!